(live) broadcast technician



"Alexander Krieb is an editor with whom I really like to work. Not just because of his extreme dedication to every job he does, but also because of his love for film, his extensive technical knowledge and speed of action. If necessary he can show you the outcome real-time, and he is open to feedback. Whenever someone asks me "Do you know a very good video-editor?" I'll always say Alexander."


Suzanne Bindels, www.evocativ.nl

"A laid-back, hard working video-editor with a good sense of humor and a feel for storylines, that is Alexander Krieb."


Eduard van Dort, www.edcam.be

AvidNewscutter 1981 enthusiastic stress resistant Rhozet Carbon Coder
teamplayer Final Cut Pro Avid Mediacomposer 

studious worldwide

pro-active coaching Adobe Photoshop humor Pebble Beach creative patient Canopus ProCoder